bobber project


This is a bobber project that began in May 2014 which started with new white wall tyres I had installed for that old school touch.  And then one thing led to another and I was finally done at the end of January 2015!  I only worked on it when I had time which was always at night in the back of our studio [AKA The Workshop] so all the noise of grinding, drilling and banging of metal parts would have seemed suspicious to anyone who walked by!

There were no aftermarket parts available,not even in Japan.  So all new parts had to be modified…by hand.  Or built entirely from scratch…by hand!  One of the challenges I set for myself during the course of this project was – no welding.  It would be too easy to weld things on but to be limited to only bolting parts on required a lot of thinking.  The other challenge was to spend as little as possible which is a historical reference to the original bobbers back in the old days when poor bikers [ex-WWII servicemen] wanted cheap thrills by removing ‘unnecessary’ parts to decrease the weight of their ride with the aim for speed.  Anyway, this whole project cost me AUD$700!

There are too many modifications to list here but the result is a stripped back honest bobber with sexy lines and great proportions.  This was my first build and yes, I have plans to do another project bike…