form ply cafe tables


Form ply is a ply board designed for the purpose of forming concrete structures like floor slabs, footings, columns and beams during construction.  The ply board comes with a black resin impregnated finish on both faces which enable the material to be used as concrete formwork over multiple reuses.  As the product is considered as ‘hardware’ rather than a finished product, care is not taken during the manufacturing or transportation process which leaves the black surfaces in a dull and scarred finish with a powdery residue.  What others see as a material used for the act of production rather than a product in itself, we see the potential and beauty in the textures and colours that are often overlooked.

This cafe table is our new addition to our Formply signature pieces created by our studio.  It has an industrial aesthetics with expressed natural blemishes and imperfections from the manufacturing process which aligns itself with our principle of wabi sabi.

The form ply was polished to a glossy shine with an gloss oil based varnish to the exposed ply edges which highlights the timber layers as well as protects the timber from UV and the weather.  This particular model in the photos is an 800 x 800mm cafe table suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

We’ve designed and constructed this collection right in our studio so you’ll be supporting a local business!

  • made to order
  • Sturdy yellow powder-coated steel saw-horse legs
  • seats 4 [place 2x side by side to form a 6 seater]
  • Interior + Exterior use
  • Available with castor wheels
  • Not mass produced – each unit is hand cut, hand polished and hand assembled
  • Suitable for dining table, café tables etc
  • Commercial + domestic installation
  • We can accommodate single or bulk orders – discounts for bulk orders…naturally!

Bulk price dependent on quantity.

Contact us for more information or to organize viewing.