What We Do

GKA Products was originally established to supply specialised and unique architectural products to exclusive clients of Gerry Kho Architects. Established in 2007, the company was born out of the need to outsource materials and products from overseas that were not available in Perth or Australia specifically for building projects of Gerry Kho Architects for their retail, commercial, and high end residential clients.

About us

Recently, we’ve officially entered the realm of custom design and furniture products. This was not a surprising move since we’ve been designing customized cabinetry since 2007 for residential, retail and commercial projects that required specific aesthetics and functions which cannot be achieved from off-the-shelf products. With our in-house Architects, product designers + interior designers, we can design to your specification and brief. Furthermore, whether you’re a mass ordering corporation or franchise or just a one off personal item for your home, our selection of local and overseas manufacturers ensures that you get the best price and quality possible for your special item/s.

So if you’re remodelling your house and need a customised kitchen, building a new dream home, fitting out your office, need a new counter for your shop or if you’re just looking for something different, we’re the people to see!

The director

Gerry Kho is the architect and head designer for the company. He is also the principal of Gerry Kho Architects. After years of frustration finding products and materials he desired for his own architecture creations, he began purchasing items himself on behalf of his clients from overseas or wherever he was at the time. This was the beginning of GK Architectural Products Pty Ltd which is now GKA Products. He established the company solely for the purpose of supplying his clients with products that can’t be found locally.

Having access and network with many suppliers and manufacturers locally and overseas throughout his profession as an Architect, he has used the relationships he has built and the knowledge he has in the industry to extend his services to supplying architectural and construction materials and products direct to consumers.

His perfectionism, eye for detail and design as an architect ensures that his customers and clients are getting quality advice and products.